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Vayzon Light Gun SystemOur Player aged 8 !

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Phone : 01590 681511


Booking, Sessions and prices

 Vayzon is hired by the half  day or day. It is suitable for up to 14 players, although 18 guns are provided with four as spares, so games may be played with larger numbers.

The system may be collected and returned to us, or we can arrange delivery and collection. Usually we will provide a brief introduction and leave you to organise the games - there is a very clear step by step guide provided. However we can provide a moderator to work with you for your complete session. Delivered and Supported areas are shown on this map


Costs :

    Self Collection

      Half day : 60.00
      Full day : 100.00

    Delivered :

      Half day : 90.00
      Full day : 130.00

    Delivered and supported with our Operator who will stay with you for 3 or 6 hours before returning with the system

      3 hours : 160.00
      6 hours : 190.00

  • Collection times are as follows :
    • Half Day
      • Morning : Collect before 10:00, return by 3pm.
      • Afternoon : Collect after 4pm, return by 11pm
      • Note - if no one else is using the system, then these times can be relaxed
    • Full Day
      • Collect and return between 8am and 11pm.


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