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Vayzon Light Gun SystemOur Player aged 8 !

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Playing a game

To play a game all players will need a gun pack, we usually advise that at least one person should act as a moderator. The moderator does not play the game, but is responsible for setting up the game type, number of lives and shots per recharge, and time. Full details of operation are in the user manual which can be downloaded here.

The pre game time can be selected. This is the time that all players have to recharge and move into the game area. During the pre game time all players initially charge, they cannot fire or be hit. During the last ten seconds of the pre game time the guns will sound a count down from ten. The the game starts !

During the game players can shoot and be hit. Once shot the gun vibrates and the player will have a few seconds to recover, during which they cannot hit or fire. Once all lives are used up the player must return to the central recharge to restore their lives.

Players can work in teams. In team games it is usual to attack one of the opposing teams bases, various game types have different ways of triggering the base, some examples are as follows :

  • In the standard game the base is triggered by two different players from the same team, one fires and hits the base, then after a short time out a different player must hit it again to trigger it. In this type of game players must work together to gain maximum points.
  • Superuser. In this game type players are assigned as superusers for one recharge period. Only superusers may trigger the base by hitting it once. Superusers gain their powers by shooting and successfully hitting other players.
  • All against all. In this game type every player works on their own and either base can be hit by shooting it once.
  • At the end of the game the guns will all count down the last 10 seconds after which players return to the charger to upload their final gun data. After this the scores are presented for the game including individual or team scores.


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