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VAYZON system details



Each player has their own individual gun and a body pack worn with a belt. The body pack has the hit sensors which detect when a player has been hit. A central recharging unit enables the guns and keeps the team score and individual score. The game type is also set up using the central recharger.

Team bases are small units with a siren, they are triggered by being attacked by members of the opposite team.

System Connect

Click here for details of how a game is played. Click here to download the manual.


Red GunEach player has a 3 part pack - the gun itself, and a body belt with a front unit and back sensor. Hitting any unit will trigger a hit on the player. There are 3 lights on the gun and a front and back light on the body belt. Together these show whether the game is in play, whether the player is alive or dead, and when he is hit, whether he is recovering.

Each gun has a unique number which allows a score to be given at the end of the game.
The gun pack speaks to the player. It will count down the start and end of the game, state the number of lives left, tell the player which player hit him, and give other sound effects as the game progresses. The gun will vibrate when the player is hit.

Central Recharger

Central Recharger The central recharger is the heart of the game. It connects to the display unit and the team bases. Players return to the recharger to top up their lives. The central recharger allows the game type to be chosen, keeps track of the game time, and maintains the score. At the of the game the recharger shows individual player details including number of hits, number of lives, number of recharges used and number of base hits made.

It is possible to connect a printer to the central recharger to give individual score sheets at the end of the game. However the version available for hire does not include a printer.

Team Bases

Each team has a base. This unit has a siren and is triggered by being hit by a member of an opposing team. Depending on the game type it may need to be hit once, twice, twice by different players or by a super user. Large point scores can be gained by triggering the opposition’s base.

Display Unit

Display UnitThe display unit is attached to the central recharger and shows the game time and team and individual scores at the end of the game.



Team Bases

BaseRedCutSmlEach team has a base which can be triggered by shooting it - in some games by a single player, in others by a combination of players. Once triggered a siren sounds and loads of points are awarded !


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