Vayzon Light Gun SystemOur Player aged 8 !

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We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, contact us VayZon@fored.co.uk.

What sort of area do you need to play ?

    You can play games in a wide range of different places. We recommend areas of woodland, large gardens, indoor areas such as schools or community centres where there are a number of rooms and / or furniture for cover or a gym with all the equipment placed. The type of area NOT to play would include large open spaces with no cover, such as a football pitches or an indoor football pitch.

Is the system easy to operate ?

    The system is very easy to operate. We can set up the game type and timings when we supply the system to you after which a single button press starts the game. Alternatively when you are confident then you can easily set up the game yourself.

What age ranges do you recommend ?

    The minimum age is only driven by the waist size to fit the belt, we don’t recommend under the age of 8 for this reason. Our model (left is 8) ! No maximum !

Do we need to pay a deposit ?

    You will need to pay a deposit when booking. You will need to leave a credit or debit card swipe, or cash deposit.

What area do you cover when you provide an operator ?

Is it dangerous?

    Not in the slightest ! The infra-red beam is invisible and low power and no more dangerous than your TV remote. You will be responsible for ensuring that the game is played in a safe location, and setting rules for safety such as that trees may not be climbed or that players should not run in unsafe places. We provide a safety guide.

Can you use it at night ?

    Total darkness is not recommended for safety reasons, however dusk, or where there is moon light or street lighting is fine and can add to the atmosphere.

Can you use it outdoors?

    Yes absolutely. We won’t allow you to use in rain however, unless very light - you will be responsible for any damage caused. In this event you must provide alternative indoor locations or we will refund your deposit.


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